Cruise FAQs       

Booking the Cruise

Can I book with my Travel Agent?

Sorry - but no...if you wish to be part of our group.
To be part of our group and attend the meetings & workshops, you must book your cruise with CruiseFun.  CruiseFun has setup the group with the Cruise line, arranged all the activities, and is handling all concerns in booking the group.  All Meetings & Workshops are "Private Parties" - just for those booked with CruiseFun. 
Call CruiseFun at 1-866-326-2338 or 1-405-282-8989.

Can other passengers join our group?

ONLY passengers with our group, booked through CruiseFun will be permitted into the meetings & workshops.  There will be special badges issued to our group at the first meet & greet.

Can you help me find a roommate?

Yes!  Call CruiseFun, book your cruise “double occupancy”, and give us you roommate preferences.  We cannot “assign” roommates, but we can help you find someone. 

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance is an insurance policy that protects the cash investment in your trip, unforeseen medical expenses, lost luggage, and much more.  Travel Insurance covers one major item, that is "Trip Cancellation" -- to be refund the cost of your trip in case of: S.A.D. - Sickness, Accident or Death.
S – Sickness – you or your travel companion become ill (for a medical reason) and cannot travel or become ill and cannot complete your travel
A – Accident – you or your travel companion have an Accident and cannot travel, or have an accident on the trip and cannot complete your travel
D – Death – If a death occurs in your immediate family prior to your trip and you cannot go or a death occurs during your trip and you cannot complete your travel.

The cost of Travel Insurance is based on your age and the value of your trip.  Call us for more info or see: our recommend Insurance Carrier for more details.
1-866-DANCEFUN (1-866-326-2338) or 405-282-8989.

Do you recommend Travel Insurance?

 Always!  Life happens… 
We've never seen someone unhappy they bought the insurance, but many unhappy who wish they had.

Do I need a passport?

What are the new passport requirements?

The U.S. Government will soon require all of our guests (including U.S. citizens) to be in possession of a valid passport when traveling on any Carnival cruise. Foreign nationals should contact their respective governments to obtain further details.  This requirement may become effective as early as January 1, 2008.


Effective January 23, 2007, passports will be required for air travel to or from Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, The Bahamas and Bermuda. This is an important new requirement for our cruise guests traveling by air to embark or debark in Vancouver for our Alaska or Hawaii cruises. In addition, this new requirement will also impact our Canadian guests that travel by air to or from any of our U.S. embarkation ports.

Carnival strongly recommends that all guests travel with a valid passport during their cruise. This will enable guests to fly from the U.S. to meet their ship at the first port should they miss their scheduled embarkation; and allow guests that must debark the ship before their cruise ends to fly back to the U.S. without significant delays and complications. Additionally, it will greatly help to expedite their debark process.

For more information or to obtain a passport application, visit  Passport Services ( can also assist with step-by-step instructions and application assistance. 

Información en Español

Preguntas Frecuentes

Nota De Prensa

Aviso Para Viajeros

You may print a passport application or get additional information from the government on this subject by visiting

Embarking / Disembarking

When should we board?

Embarkation Hours are 12:00 Noon to 3:30 pm

Once a ship docks at a US Port, it is under the control of the US Customs service. Their job is clear all passengers and luggage through customs - this takes time. When they finish clearing all disembarking gusts and luggage, they will allow boarding to commence - not before. You may arrive early and boarding may start before 12:00 pm, but you may also experience a wait before the lines start moving. The good news is that when boarding commences, the lines move quickly. For those boarding early, the afternoon will then be yours to have lunch on board, explore the ship, and start your vacation!
Please be at the pier no later 3:30 pm !

When do we Disembark?

This ship arrives into Port by 8:00 am.  But due to the ship’s passengers and cargo needing to clear Customs, we usually start general disembarking around 9:00 am.  Depending on your Muster Station – most guests are to the pier by 10:00 am, barring any snags with customs. 


A couple of things to consider

What clothes do I need to bring?

The cruise line states that ship board attire is "resort casual". We find it is casual wear, especially on deck.  

These Ports are usually in the low to mid 70s during the day and may drop to the low 50s at night. Definitely bring layered clothing for the varied temperatures.
Alaska is a “rain forest” getting over 300 inches of rain a year – bring your umbrella or raincoat !

More detailed info will come with your final documents

Tank tops, shorts or sandals are not allowed in the dining room. They encourage jackets for men, but are happy with collared shirts and slacks. And for the ladies they encourage dresses but are happy with slacks and blouse. Also, especially for the ladies – the dining rooms can be cool. We suggest a shawl for light wrap for your arms for the evening meals.

There will be 2 Formal Dinners – We encourage formal wear.  Men will be dressed in at least a jacket and tie, and many in formal (tux) wear !  Ladies in Cocktail dresses and pant suits to evening gowns.  You’ll want to dress to impress!

It is always good to check  Just put in the city and you can get up to a 10 day forecast just before you leave home !


Aboard Ship
Sail and Sign Card  Aboard ship is basically a "cashless" society.  Anything you need to purchase is bought with your "Sail and Sign" Card.  At Embarkation you will be given a ship's credit card for making purchases on board.  This is to purchase items in the ship's stores, wine at dinner, drinks in the lounge, or shore excursions.  Charges to this card are are directed to a credit card of your choice or a cash deposit is required.  You'll receive a statement at the end of the cruise that you can pay with cash or just leave on your credit card, like you would incidentals at a hotel.  This card is also your room key and locks the safe in your room.
Are all Meals & Drinks included?  All Meals are included. There are literally 8 Meals a day including (but not limited to): 3 meals a day in the main dining room (includes a 4 course dinner), 3 meals a day in the informal dining area (cafeteria style). There's a Midnight Buffet each evening.  And a 24 hour pizzeria and ice cream bar.  Oh yeah, and if you are too tired to go get anymore -- there's always 24 hour room service in your cabin !  Drinks with your meals are included.  Alcohol and soda drinks from the bar are additional.
What about tipping?

1st – Gratuities are $10.00/day, or $70.00 for this cruise.  These monies are for your Cabin Steward & Assistant, Waiter & Assistant and alternative dining servers.  Your Cabin Steward takes care of your cabin – cleans cabin, makes beds, turn down service, etc.  And your Waiters serve meals in main dining room several times daily in the main or alternative dining rooms.  These people are making their living entirely from tips. 

There are 2 ways these monies are collected.  You may pre-pay these when you purchase your cruise, or Carnival will automatically deduct these monies from you sail-n-sign account on board. 

2nd – Any drinks that you purchase from in lounges, shows, etc. are done so with your sail and sign card.  Gratuities of 15% are added to the each sale for you.

What is the Smoking Policy aboard ship?

Smoking IS allowed in public areas of the ship and in staterooms.
But note: we have never noticed staterooms smelling smoky as in hotels, nor have any of our 100s of guests ever complained of this problem.  

I’m sensitive to motion sickness – Will I get Sea-Sick ?

Today’s Cruise Ships have Vertical Stabilizers.  These stabilizers greatly reduce the pitch & roll of the ship.  Some passengers may still on occasion experience motion sickness or feel "sea-sick".  The symptoms are generally mild nausea and dizziness (or vertigo). There are a number of over-the-counter as well as prescription medications and non-pharmaceuticals available to help curb the symptoms of sea-sickness. If you think you may be affected, check with your doctor.

Please note: we have found the first 2 sea days on this particular cruise to be especially smooth !  Then the next 3 days we cruise in the evening and spend our days in port !

Trip Cancellation


If I need to – what is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation Fees

  • $100.00 After booking till Final Payment

  • Final Payment to 57 days Full Deposit

  • 56-29 days 50% of total charges

  • 28-15 days 75% of total charges

  • within 14 days 100% of Total Charges

Remember - Always buy Travel Insurance to protect your travel investment !

What is the Cancellation Procedure?

To protect you, we require that you cancel in writing.
Please include the following:

  • The name of the event you are canceling
  • Your Address
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Your confirmation number.